Why Choose Us?

Why Choose ADO Therapy?

We Have The Thumbs Up for Therapy

ADO Therapy is part of the Animal Days Out C.I.C. Group, a Not For Profit Community Interest Company. We are a professional and council licensed organisation with animals. We provide many other activities with a general theme of animals, wildlife, nature, horticulture and outdoor play and activities.

Our Organisation

As an organisation, our key staff, leaders and management committee have worked with large business over the years at board level and know what it takes to provide a first class service. We have a proven history of working with councils, housing associations, charities, trusts, private and public care homes, disability groups and within the community in general. 

Throughout the Animal Days Out C.I.C. group, across all brands, we have historically and succesfully delivered education and healthcare programs which can be adapted to individual and group special needs and capabilities.  Our activities encompass animal handling, animal care, horticulture, bushcraft, forest skills, play and most other areas of wildlife and nature.


We value the importance of forging partnerships with other like-minded companies at both service level and supplies. Several projects have been succesfully designed and built in partnership with other partners in the past, including community garden schemes.

We also have strong links with organisations that serve areas of deprivation making better use of their own facilities for the benefit of the community. We are always looking for opportunities for other partner community event work to engage their own residents or community.

If you require your own internal marketing or visibility to support a funding application or to secure budget, then perhaps we can help. We can provide a partner media option to publicise the provision of therapy in conjunction with suitably trained and qualified personnel, including dual-branding and media material.

Location - Visit Us or We Can Visit You

ADO Therapy is located in the relaxing surroundings of Poets Corner, bordering South-East London and Kent. Based within a 6.4 acre grazing and woodland setting, its the idyllic location for therapeutic activities and sensory zones. We also have inside session space for those customers that feel more relaxed in a room setting or for those where the weather is too harsh for their outdoor setting. We have 4 internal session spaces based at our main headquarters in Welling Town Centre. Without limiting our customers to visiting us, we provide outreach and mobile services where we can visit you. We also have partnership ownership or access to a number of other locations for use in horticultural therapy, outdoor activities and equine therapy.

Peace of Mind - Our Assurance

With our vast experience of company operations, we felt it was important to ensure that we provide our customers with peace of mind, ensuring that Heath and Safety and Safeguarding are top of our agenda. This required some extensive policies and procedures to be put into place and ensuring we had the correct insurance and licensing to operate above board. 

♦ Fully licensed by the London Borough of Bexley for Animal Handling

♦ Approved by the City of London Vets for Animal Welfare

♦ Public Liability of £5 million for Animal Handling

♦ Public Liability of £2 million for Child Care

♦ Transportation of Animals Licence with DEFRA (Dept for Environment/Food/Rural & Affairs)

♦ Membership of Professional Body ABWAK (Association of British and Wild Animal Keepers)

♦ Risk Assessments and Method Statements provided on request

♦ Health and Safety Policy

♦ Safeguarding and other policies in sensitive areas in place

Our Staff

All ADO Therapy staff are either qualified or in the process of achieving certification for the roles required to provide assisted activities, therapies or counselling. Our trained or supported staff have regular mentoring and supervision periods conducted by our own professional counsellor. An ongoing CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training scheme with staff ensures they are up to speed on market developments including mental health conditions and other physical disabilities. All staff are assessed on a monthly basis with their own personal development plan.

As Animal Days Out provide the main operational staff behind the activities, other benefits to the customer include:

♦ No PAYE (Pay As You Earn) implications including holiday pay or sickness

♦ No Payroll Administration Requirements or Costs

♦ Sickness will be covered by additional members of ADO staff

♦ We can provide resource materials for wildlife and nature activities at minimal cost through our preferred suppliers

Our Animals - Animal and Equine Therapy

We view our animals as important members of staff. They form an integral part of our team. We employ an animal care worker who looks after and feeds the animals on a daily basis. All our animals are highly socialised before they work with us in public. This means that they are regularly handled and get used to noise, heavy handed touching, grabbing or any other situation that may occur. They are given regular rest periods and days off during peak or busy periods. All our animals are assessed for working in a therapeutic environment and we carefully choose the selection of animals based purely on the type of activity, the needs of the customer and the numbers attending. We can advise, depending on the scenario, the best selection of animals to provide a successful therapeutic activity taking all the factors into account. We have a large range of invertebrates (mini-beasts), lizards, snakes, small and large mammals. In total, we have over 50 species of animal to cover a wide range of situations and scenarios. We also have our own therapy dogs, as well as 4 horses for equine therapy.

Bushcraft and Outdoor Activities

Its not just all about the animals though! We have staff that are trained and certified as Bushcraft practitioners and also qualified at Level 3 in Forest School. We have a great outdoor location available for groups to visit for bushcraft, forest school, horticultural and equine activities.

HorticultureADO Projects

We can provide Social and Therapeutic Horticulture activities and programmes either at our sites or outreach in your own gardens, spaces and yards. We have succesfully delivered many types of custom programmes or those aligned to AQA Unit awards to many SEN schools and organisations. We additionally offer gardening services and Sensory Garden Design and Build through our ADO Projects Team.

Making Your Choice

So, in summary, when looking for companies who offer a multitude of animal or outdoor therapies, why not benchmark other organisations offering similar services to our own with our simple five step check list to help you decide:

Check One - Are they a 'One-Man-Band' with a few animals they keep as pets?

Check Two - Do they or their staff have the formal qualifications or certifications in animal handling, AAA or counselling?

Check Three - Do they hold public liability or employers liability?

Check Four - Do they hold an animal handling license, provide risk assessments and have health and safety policies and procedures to show?

Final Check - Do they offer assessments, ensure staff are Enhanced DBS checked and have safeguarding policies in place.

If any of these results in a If It's A Cross, Choose ADO'cross', would you really want to put your faith into organisations who can not provide these simple assurances?

Regional Coverage

The ADO Team cover individuals, parents, groups or professionals located in London and the South East. If you live outside of these areas, please contact us to find out whether we can cover your location.

Contact Us 

If you are interested in contacting us to find out more about services, please use the contact details below:ADO Therapy

Call  Call: 0845 604 4921 from a landline or 020 8850 6778 from a mobile
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ADO Therapy is a part of Animal Days Out C.I.C. - A Not For Profit Community Interest Company - www.adotherapy.co.uk

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