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Young Leaders of the FutureLeadership and Mentor Badge


Featured NewsADO have always been at the forefront of providing opportunities for young people to further their education and careers at an early stage of their development.

We hope that our system of Preschool, After School Clubs, Holiday Clubs, Volunteering and providing Work Experience become a production line of talent, offering them a career path for when they finally leave school and have to face the big bad world of employment.

Our Ranger Mentors and Ranger Young Leaders have had several training sessions, the most recent a Leadership and Safeguarding certification, which qualified them for their Mentor and Young Leader Badge.

A Good Start on Their CV

This is something that our young people can add to their CV in a couple of years time, alongside all the work experience at ADO and other training courses and badges they have completed. Our Ranger Mentors range from 12 years and our Young Leaders are from 14 years old and many already volunteer and help out in other areas of the business. We hope that at the very least they get a taste of working for a dynamic company and understand the complex world of employment and the responsibilities that are part of working as a team. 

Young Leaders of the Future - Below - The 11 Young Leaders and Mentors with their certificates

Young Leaders and Mentors


We are particularly passionate at realising their expectations when they finally look for work, which is something from our experience that not all Young Leadersorganisations or colleges provide satisfactorily. We can boast that 82% of our volunteers over the last three years have gone onto paid work with ADO. We also have three young apprentices boosting their education and plying their trade in Animal Care, Horticulture and Child Care within our ranks. For such a small company this record is truly exceptional.

Land of Opportunity

Here at ADO we always have our eye on young people who have a passion for the values and services that we believe in and offer. We feel all our young people deserve an opportunity to express themselves and develop skills, gaining work experience at the same time. We hope that some of them join the ADO team in the future, but if not we can be sure we have done everything possible to encourage them and provide them with a solid foundation to follow their own dreams and employment in their chosen field in the future.

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