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Featured NewsHow many times has your child got home from an activity missing some of their clothing or belongings? We have lost count at ADO over the years how many drinks bottles, coats, hats and even welly boots end up in the lost property box at the end of the Summer Holiday Club for example. Children are great at forgetting their belongings at home time. Our office staff spend hours trying to track down the owners of lost items almost weekly! Its amazing how many items never get reclaimed. It must cost parents a fortune to replace the lost items.

Well how much easier would be all round if clothing and belongings had a simple name tag on them. Not one of those large difficult to attach name tags, but an easy perfect size, fit all, name tag that can be easily stuck onto the surface of almost any item. No worrying about getting the iron out or even dusting down the sewing machine and finding the thread. These name tags are powerful little stickers that can be peeled off and stuck on to almost any surface.

ADO have teamed up with the crew at to offer our customers a cheap simple, great value solution to make sure your children never lose another item out at their preschool, activity day, holiday club or even McDonalds!!

With you get the chance to easily design your own label in just a few steps, with all the details needed including a name, phone number or address. What's more these stickers stay on clothing and other items even in the washing machine as they are 100% washable.

You can buy 56 colour stickers for only £11.95 + £1 post and packing, which will keep you going for all the items you are likely need to tag for quite a while. Even better you can support ADO if you buy through our partner code below where we will receive £2 back for every order made through our unique code. As a community interest company, this will help us reinvest the money back into improving our facilities for the benefit of your children. A win-win as they say!!

Simply click on the link below to jump onto the website and get your first order in the basket.

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