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4 Weeks Of Fun - Summer Holiday ClubSummer Holiday Club


We have 4 Weeks of FUN in the Summer Holiday Club that has so much variety your children will be entertained with some amazing creatures and some brilliant outdoor activities and adventures.

Our Holiday Clubs aim to improve social confidence, self-esteem and independence and through our programmes, we aim to inspire a love and respect for animals, wildlife, the outdoor environment and our natural world. Outdoor play and learning offers fantastic opportunities and rewards for children and young people. It provides numerous benefits through fun, enjoyment, motivation and personal development.

Just take a look at the topics below and decide which days you would like to book your children on.

Remember you can book individual days or the whole 4 weeks. Take a look at the main programmes below:


 Mini and Young Explorers Programme

     Rangers Programme

Woodland Explorer

Woodland Ranger

A day where exploring and adventure are just the beginning. Conservation and biodiversity are at the centre of activities where Rangers learn and interact with wildlife and nature helping to develop the Woodland just like a Woodland Ranger! Mini and Young Explorers get to discover the woodland and help to conserve and build for the future.Amongst the many activities include:

Walkie Talkie Hide 'n' Seek - Using technology to find clues on seeking out secret hiding places.

Bird Feeders - Making different types of bird feeders for the birds and wildlife in the Woodland

Using Tools - The Explorers will learn how to safely use tools to revitalise the woodland

Green Trail - Helping clear and spot man made rubbish in the Woodland to recycle, reuse and reduce

Project Explorer - Using tools, creating artwork and learning skills to make the woodland a better place for the benefit of wildlife

Conservation Globes - Creating a mini-world where the children can add man-made and natural resources to help combat global warming. The activity prepares the children to understand global warming and how they can help as they become young citizens.

Dead Hedging - A fantastic natural skillset to learn to create hide outs and help maintain out natural hedgerows.

What a Waste! - ADO team up with Bexley Council's Waste Education Officer to get involved in some fun and interactive projects to improve our environment using recycling and waste management techniques.

Pond Life - Children will learn about managing and maintaining a natural pond and understanding all the plant and bug life that lives under water.

Forest Fun

 Forest Adventure

The woodland at Royal Park is a great place let the children's imagination go wild! On this day The Rangers will be working in teams to build and create various structures, camps and through art, decorations. Its a chance for them to get creative whilst using team work to achieve their goals. The Rangers will be involved in some low rope challenges on this day as well as a taster of activities below:

Build An Obstacle Course - Use natural items to build an obstacle course for themselves and fellow explorers to test their skills

Mini-Beast Hunt - Exploring the undergrowth and ground level woodland finding and identifying the incredible world of the mini-beasts

Forest Crafts - Making woodland crafts using natural objects

A Spot of Bird Spotting! - Walking through the woodland listening and spotting the many varities of birds found there and then building giants nests at the end of the journey 

Nettle Tea - Get the better of those stingers, by using them to make nettle tea!

 ♦ Leaf Threading - This will test the skills of the Rangers to create some wonderful leaf art to decorate the woodland.

Giant Bird's Nests - The Rangers wiil design and build a giant bird's nest to protect the team from predators and to bring up their chicks, using a number of fun games using their imaginations.

Creating Water - Using condensation techniques to gather water from the wild, when there seems nothing

The Water Run - Working in groups the teams will devise ingenious methods to get water back to their giant bird's nest to feed the chicks.

Forest Low Rope Challenge - A fun designed low ropes making travel through the woods a bit more fun.

Bushcraft Adventure

 Bushcraft Survivor

A fantastic chance for your children to become a real life Bear Grylls for the day! The Rangers will be 'roughing' it making their own camps using 'survival techniques', the Explorers will be ding something similar, but suitable fortheir age group.Highlights of the day include:

Build-A-Den! - Using logs, branches and foliage, children work in teams to build their own magical den.

Campfire Lighting - Learning how to use flint to strike a light on cotton wool to get a small base camp fire going

Track 'n' Trail - Using tracking signs and skills, its a game of hunting their friends down in the woodland

Mud Faces - Creating faces using mud and clay and then decorating them with natural materials to hang on trees

Campfire Cooking - Making damper bread to cook over the fire, whilst enjoying marshmallows and popcorn


 ♦ Elder Beads - Rangers get a chance to coppice elder and then create wonderful beads for natural woodland jewelery and bling!

Campfire Cooking - The Rangers build their base camp fire and then cook noodles on it

Baked Banana! - A real treat for the Rangers when they get to choose their fillings including mini marshmallows, chocolate, creal and jam and then cook their concoction over the fire they built.themselves

Survival Catapulting - The Rangers test their survival skills with catapults aiming at targets that may be predator or may be prey

Dinosaur Challenge & Scales & Tails

 Rainforest Challenge

Meet Some Of Our Incredible Lizards, Snakes and Amphibians, getting some close up handling, feeding and action with some of them. The Rangers will also get to grips with more low rope challenges in the 'jungle', using their wits and senses just like a rainforest creature. Amongst the many fun activities include:

Tortoise Racing - You should see the speed at which Topsy and Turvey our Leopard Tortoises move! Children build a race course for them and get to feed them their favourites veggie snacks along the way

♦ Giant Webs - Build a giant spider web in the forest using string, but watch out if you pass through and coause vibrations, you could be mistaken for a fly

Beardie Feeding - Get a chance to learn how to feed a number of our Bearded Dragons with insects they love

Clay Beasts - Building beasts out of clay and other natural items found in the woodland for legs, eyes, antennae, mouths and other parts.

Meet the Reptiles and Mini-Beasts - Get close up and personal with a whole range of our live lizards and snakes,

Rainforest Frogger - Different games and activities based on being an amphibian in the jungle and survival of the fittest

Giant Web Building - Predator and Prey activity to build the ultimate prey trap. As a team the Rangers will construct a wonderful design giant web to trap their prey

Reptile Detectives - Will the Rangers have a clue just what to do? The clues are there, but can they work out which reptile they could be coming face to face with?

Its Raining Down! - Its Lizard and Tortoise bath time.It rains every day in the rainforest, so its a great time to get some of our reptil guests sparkling clean.

Predator Challenge - Using the low ropes, this course will test their hunting and survival skills in the rainforest.

Creepy Crawly Challenge & Paws and Claws

 I'm A Ranger, Get Me Out Of Here!

Its the turn of the good, the bad and the ugly in an amazing day which mixes mammal and mini-beasts to provide some great activities for both Explorers and Rangers.

The Crufts Challenge - Build a course using logs and boxes for our two friendly chumps Jarvis and Velvet the Cockerpoo's. Then test the doggies out on the course before finishing with some dog tricks and treats

Mini-Habitats - The children have a range of fluffy toys that they have to create a comfy woodland home for. Learning where different mammals live in the wild and what they would like in their homes.

Rabbit Diner - Guinea Pig Salon - Learn how to prepare a rabbit and guinea pig lunch with a whole range of fruit and vegetables, before grooming the piggies to make them look beautiful.

Meet the Fluffies - Have a chance to meet all our huge range of mammals, with some special guests to be announced.

Test Our Dogs ID Game - Our friendly mutts will be given a thorough examination

Piggy Tug of War - Get your Guinea pigs trained and ready for the ultimate tug of war contest

Walkies! - No not the dogs, Our two ferrets will get a chance to explore the woodland with the Rangers at close hand.

Mini Beast Hunt Challenge - Who will find the most species and succefully identify them?

Low Ropes Challenge - I'm A Ranger, Get Me Out of Here - A special low ropes course that challenges our Rangers to make the right decisons otherwise they could be 

Bug Grub Challenge - Full of protein! Will the Rangers be able to stomach the bug grub challenge?


More Variety

We like to align our Holiday Clubs with the seasons. During the Summer Holidays the woodland is a vibrant place for both plant life and the creatures that use it as a home. For your children its a great experience to get outdoors and learn more about the seasons and the wildlife and plants that are around this type of year. This is why our Holidays Clubs are so much different and have so much variety. Whether its our February Half-term club, our Summer Holiday Club or our October Club, your children will have a completely different experience every time.

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