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If you have never organised an educational or fun animal encounter for your organisation, group or project then perhaps we can help and point you in the right direction. If you are experienced and are thinking about adding animal encounters to the bouncy castles and stalls at your event, then we provide excellent value for money and end up being a magnet to the people at your event.

We can play a large part in the success of your event. We get invited to many inside and outside community events all year around and can adapt our animal selection and themes accordingly. 

♦ Invite us to your Christmas Event

♦ We are Popular at Half-term and Holiday Events

♦ We are Popular at Easter and Halloween

♦ The Summer You Will Find Us Out and About in the Parks

Our animal encounter events are based and organised around two main factors.

♦ The size of the group, footfall or audience (attendees)

♦ The location and facilities

We can offer sessions ranging in time from 1 hour minimum to an all day event.

The venue or location and the size of the groups attending will dictate to a certain degree the different types of animals suitable for your encounter. We are happy to point you in the right direction.We like to encourage as much interaction with our animals as possible. We believe that this promotes an amazing affinity with the animals and allows the attendees to really get engaged with them at a special level. Our Formats are either what we call formal or open.

Formal Sessions are where the attendees sit or mingle and we prepare each animal to be shown individually in a pre-arranged order. These sessions are typically for the scouts and guides, educational sessions or where there is a preset number of attendees for a preset time

Open Sessions are where we have all the animals on display and the attendees can come and go as they please to engage with the animals. These are usually park events, fairs and fundays for example.

Inside Events and EncountersWe Can Bring Our Own Marquee or Gazebo

We require about 2 to 3m of space to work with in an ideal location, which becomes a no-go zone for the group or audience. As many of our animals are exotic species, the location will be weather proof and free from cold draughts in colder months of the year. It should ideally have an electrical supply, but this is not a show stopper if the venue has its own heating source during winter. Chairs should ideally be provided for the attendees (your group) to sit or matting for them to sit on the floor if the session is in the Formal Format. We bring all our own tables and fittings and we have our own PA system for large or noisy venues. 

Outside Events, Fairs and Fètes

We can operate with a minimum requirement of 3m by 3m to construct our small marquee. For larger events with a larger expected footfall, we can provide a weather proof marquee of 9m wide by 3m deep. With the larger marquee we can operate a walk-in and walk-through type of arrangement. At large events we may operate a gate system where a certain number of people will be allowed in to our marquee at a time. A bit like waiting your turn on a Disney ride! For park events we prefer to have our main vehicle parked onsite next to the animals. Most outside events are Open Sessions. Again, we will bring all our own fixtures and fittings.

Small Groups - Between 5 and 20

This is the ideal group size if you would like your sessions focussed where by the group get plenty of opportunity to touch and handle the animals with more time spent on each animal. We can ensure the group has a close up and personal interaction with the animals. These sessions tend to be more formal and follow an agenda. The group will positioned in an arc either sitting on the floor or on chairs just outside of our no-go zone. We always have at least two staff at events to ensure that we can maximise the interaction time between the attendees and the animals.

Medium Size Groups - Between 20 and 40 

With this group size, there are a number of options available. With the group sitting down on chairs we can operate between 2 rows ensuring that everyone has a close up look of the animals on show. If the group are sitting on the floor, we can either operate two rows or a large arc depending on the availability of floor space. The amount of touching and handling is less than with a smaller group, but we can arrange for special encounters with selective people within the group at certain parts of the session. We operate at least two staff, quite often three who will circulate amongst the attendees with the animals. For open sessions, we will be available for the attendees to come and go, especially if there are other activities or attractions at the event.

Large Size Groups - Over 40

Our recommended minimum session time at larger events is at least 2 hours. Our two main options for larger groups are either a walk-through scenario or a walk-in session, where space is limited. We can also offer a seminar or talk type of session. Depending on the size of group the walk-through session allows a number of the group to walk past the animals on show spending some time talking, touching or handling. We control the numbers of the group walking past the animals at any one time.

For seminar or talk arrangements visual and informative sessions will be the main emphasis, although we can arrange for certain group guests to come to the front to play an active role in the session with some of the animals.

At Open Events, we may be dealing with hundreds of attendees. Our staff numbers reflect this and the amount of animals that we bring. 

Flexible Approach

We are well aware that there are many types of venues and a different numbers of situations, providing endless combinations. This is why its usually best to talk to us first and we can provide you with further inspiration or ideas for your event. Please give us a ring or drop an email with a brief overview of your requirements. Alternatively you can complete our online form and we will get back to you to discuss.  

Health and Safety

We can provide Risk Assessments and have our own stringent Health and Safety procedure and signage. We bring wipes and Gel along although we will always recommend soap and water where available. Find Out More About Our Hygiene Standards HERE>

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