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Hygiene StandardsHealth and Safety First


We take hygiene and hand cleaning very seriously at ADO. When working with animals and the general public, we use wipes and gels used by the professionals, including St.Johns Ambulance. Our own stringent Health and Safety procedures are there to protect the general public, our staff and of course our animals.

Our approach is very simple. If there are hand washing facilities, soap and water should be used in preference to hand gel and wipes in line with health authority recommendations. In the event of no running water, we are confident that our hand gel and wipes conform to the very highest standards.

Our Hygiene and Hand Wipes

We use Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes, developed by doctors and used by professionals.
Our wipes kill a vast range of germs and bacteria, including: MRSA, Salmonella, Influenza (H5N1), Hepatitus B, Hepatitus C and Norovirus.
The wipes are safe to use on skin and this particular type is a non-irritant with most sensitive skin conditions.
♦ Proven to kill 99.999% of germs
♦ Kills MRSA within 10 seconds
♦ Stays effective for 72 hours after use.
They conform to a number of British Standards including EN1276, EN145561, EN14563 and EN14438

Our Hand Gel 

We use Bioguard Hand Gel . The unique Bioguard Disinfectant Cleaning Solution has been specifically formulated to provide the following benefits:
♦ High level of disinfection and cleaning
♦ Wide range of dispensing solutions ensures ease of use and effective coverage of surface
♦ User friendly
♦ Does not irritate or sensitise the skin
♦ Can be used on all types of surfaces including hard surfaces, fabrics and soft furnishings
♦ Non toxic, biodegradable and non-cumulative
♦ Food safe
These Bioguard products kill bacteria in under 30 seconds, inactivates viruses in under 2 minutes and kills yeast and fungi.
These hand gels contain skin moisturisers and conditioners to prevent skin irritation and sensitisation. It dries to provide a sterile solution without the need for water. Contains 70% Isopropanol Alcohol, which is the minimum recommended by the NHS.

Other Precautions

The best way to clean hands after touching animals has always been the tried and tested method of washing hands thoroughly with soap and water at a sink. Where possible we always recommend this method to leaders, carers, supervisors or the general public where facilities are available. 

No Smoking Symbol around the Animals!


At all our events there is a constant reminder for the general public and for customers to clean hands and not to consume food or drink within the animal area. In addition, at outdoor events in and around our animal set-up and animal enclosures, we are strictly a non-smoking zone.

We display all our signage at all times at events, with clear guidelines for the general public and customers to follow.

Health and Safety

We provide full Risk Assessments for events if required and have specialised Public Liability insurance for animal handling. We have a DEFRA animal transport license and hold an animal handling license from the London Borough of Bexley.


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