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Badge Scheme and Session AgendaOur Badge Scheme


All our Activity Club sessions are carefully planned by our own Education and Programme Director with support from our Activity Club Session Leaders. Each half-term or term, the session agenda is based upon a specific topic aligned with our very own and accredited badge scheme, where the children work towards different subjects and areas within the animal, wildlife and nature world to gain a certificate and badge once they have completed a set of tasks. Our badge scheme has been accredited with the Children's University.


We use a range of materials in our activity sessions including basic field and entomology equipment, magnifying glasses, bug jars, collecting pots, trays, binoculars, field guides, nature activity sheets, art and craft materials including clay and natural materials for nature art.

Session Topics

Our sessions are based on our badge scheme topics and can include many different indoor and outdoor activities, games, arts and crafts, animals and wildlife. We encourage the children to go exploring outdoors, finding and learning about different habitats, meeting and identifying some of the fascinating creatures we may find along the way. Sessions will involve studying close up and personal, where we encourage them to discuss and talk about what they have seen. They will learn to play games and activities based upon learning about movement, senses, awareness and learning about how to be a part of a team. With our outside garden areas they will learn about selected herbs, plants, flowers, the growing process and beneficial garden insects. We have our own equipment so that they can learn tips on birdwatching using our binoculars, or examine creatures close up using our magnifiers.

Here at Animal Days Out we have over 50 species of animals including invertebrates (mini-beasts), lizards, snakes and small mammals, so we are never short of opportunities for the children to touch and hold them. They will study habitats, diet, behaviour and design fun activities, learning and games around the selected animals.

For Art and Crafts, we use for example, natural materials or materials we may find in the woods for creating all types of designs. Our art materials will also allow them to use clay, or perhaps do some sketching, painting or collages of their own design.

Outside activities include learning how to build mini dens for our creatures in nature. We will use the nature in the outdoor space of the venue for other natural materials (or bring them with us) for fun opportunities.

Ranger Sessions

Our Ranger sessions will include more in depth learning appropriate to their age group and physical ability for activities. Rangers will also have the opportunity to guide the leaders on areas of interest in order to cater the programme to their knowledge and ability. There will also be co-ordinated visits from partner companies and experts in other various fields.

Badge Scheme

On completion of tasks set to work towards a badge, the children receive a certificate and badge at the beginning of each new half or full term. Our badge scheme has been fully accredited with the Children's University and each badge has a set number of learning tasks that need to be completed by each child.


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