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Relaxation Therapy (RT) is one of our most popular therapies within our range of ADO Therapy services we offer to individuals. The term 'Relaxation' suggests a state of ease which is characterised by limited body tension and freedom from unnecessary worries and fears.


What is Relaxation Therapy?

A relaxation technique (also known as relaxation training) is any method, process, procedure, or activity that helps a person to relax; to attain a state of increased calmness; or otherwise reduce levels of pain, anxiety, stress or anger.

Research shows relaxing your mind and body causes the release of hormones such as dopamine; which not only lift your mood, but also improve your physical health such as lowering blood pressure and heart rate. These changes, in turn improve your everyday health, as well as long term well-being.

Relaxation therapy involves a set of sessions led by a qualified Relaxation therapist where the client is educated and supported to learn various techniques that enable them to make changes to their physical and mental state to aid relaxation in every-day life.


Benefits of Relaxation Therapy

The benefits of Relaxation Therapy include but are not limited to;

♦ Helping you to relieve stress and relax the physical body and mind

♦ Learning techniques to control anxiety symptoms

♦ Improving health, strengthening the immune system

♦ Building up resistance to stress

♦ Coping with change

♦ Improving Sleep

♦ Improved quality of life in general


Aims and Objectives

The aim of relaxation therapy is to physically relax the muscle groups and quiet the mind to allow thoughts to flow in a smooth, level rhythm, and induce the relaxation response. This mental quiet allows for rest and rejuvenation that does not always occur, even during sleep.


What Techniques Can Be Covered?

The techniques that will be covered within sessions are dependent on the needs of the client and may include;

♦ Preparing for Relaxation (Introduction information and preparation for the relevant technique)

♦ Breathing (Using the breathing system as a means of gaining relaxed states)

♦ Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR – Mental exercises in self-awareness)

♦ Eco Therapy (Utilising our nature site for relaxation)

♦ Progressive Relaxation Training (PR – tense-release muscle training)

♦ Stretchings (Mild Muscle Stretching to relieve strain and aid the muscles to relax)

♦ Applied Relaxation (Enhanced techniques of Progressive Relaxation in everyday situations)Use of Essential Oils

♦ Behavioural Relaxation Training (Replacing specific tense postures)

♦ Mitchell Technique (Promotes awareness of relaxed postures)

♦ Principles of the Alexander technique (Posture improvement for well being)

♦ Goal Directed Visualisation (Utilising imagery with purposeful thinking leading to fulfilment of self-directed goals)

♦ Relaxation Aids (Use of aromatherapy oils and stress aids)

♦ Colour therapy (Use of colours in Relaxation and every-day life)

♦ Emphasis on homework in between sessions is paramount as every method in relaxation training requires practice to lead to greater skill in using the technique. Skill in the techniques is important and stress-related behaviour patterns tend to be resistant to change. Experienced use of the technique therefore increases its effectiveness.


Assessment Session

An assessment session enables us to annotate and discuss the client history with the client to enable the therapists to determine the relevant course of therapy to commence with. Assessments specifically for RT, will be led by a qualified Relaxation Therapist. If the client is a child or young person or an adult with Learning Disabilities, a relevant parent/carer will be required to attend for the assessment and this can be discussed at time of booking.


Number of Sessions

To effectively benefit from Relaxation Therapy and the associated techniques requires a recommended minimum commitment of 2 blocks of therapy (12 sessions).


AAT and Eco Therapy

We can provide therapeutic interventions to achieve true relaxation, with the option of combining relaxation therapy with Animal Assisted Therapy and Nature Therapy, for a truly unique experience, as a solution to a number a specific needs, animal phobia work or simply a means to improve well being and leading a fuller more satisfying life.


Setting and Session Space

Relaxation therapy will be offered in our therapy rooms at our base in Welling and may be combined with some sessions at our 6.4 acre Nature Therapy Poets Corner site which is a separate site also based in Welling, Kent.


Our Staff

All our RT sessions are led by trained and qualified staff. The ADO team have the experience to discuss in confidence any enquiries regarding our services and how they may benefit you or your organisation. 


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