Equine Assisted Activities & Therapy (EAA & EAT)

Equine Assisted Therapy (EAA & EAT)Equine Activities and Therapy

ADO offer a range of Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies from our own site and with our own trained horses and ponies. This popular activity and therapy provides a fantastic opportunity to embrace the bond between these wonderful animals and those utilising our services.


What is Equine Therapy?

EAA and EAT involve a range of benficial activities such as; 

♦ Grooming

♦ Feeding

♦ Haltering a pony or horse

♦ Leading a pony or horse

♦ Free range activities

Within Equine Assisted Activities (EAA), there are a range of supervised activities led by our staff team which are non outcome focused and are beneficial for mental or physical health and can improve mood and self-esteem and will be led by a trained therapy assistant or qualified therapist.

Within Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT), there are pre-determined aims and goals to be achieved as the desired result of the therapy sessions, with support of professionals in a relevant field. These goals may cover a wide spectrum of improvements including physical, educational, mental health and motivational.


EAT Sessions

These EAT sessions will be structured to work towards preset goals over a set period and number of sessions and are led by a qualified member of the team with existing therapy specialisms and proven experience or qualifications of horse handling and behaviour. Sessions can also be supported where relevant by an existing relevant health or recreation professional that maybe working with a client dependent on their area of expertise.

For mental health or emotional and behavioural outcomes, the equine therapist will observe and interact with the client through the session activties in order to identifity patterns of behaviour, thoughts and emotions. By translating the horse's natural reactions to the body language or non verbal messages of our clients, this enables the client to understand, communicate and express their own feelings more closely.

For physical benefit, improving dexterity or to aid recovery from injury or illness, Equine activities can be catered to the physical health outcomes accordingly and these can be discussed with any other existing health professional that maybe working with the client ie Physio or Occupational Therapist.

EAT and working with horses can foster increasted trust and be an effective ice breaker between client and therapist enabling a client to open up effectively. 


What Can EAT Help With?Buddy The Shetland Pony

There are a whole range of Applications and Benefits including;

♦ Depression

♦ Anxiety and Stress

♦ Bereavement and Grief

♦ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

♦ Abuse and Neglect 

♦ Attachment Disorders

♦ Self Esteem



♦ Physical Health


Educational AQA Unit Awards

We are an accredited training centre and offer linked AQA unit awards on various subjects for certification on horse management. AQA awards are suitable for people with various abilities and capacities and the level of award can be catered to the individual. Please call the office for more information.



We offer a full and confidential consultation and assessment before we undertake any therapeutic sessions with individuals. We assess a whole number of key indicators including personal attributes and interests and additional needs to help us build a profile to ensure each individual programme is finely tuned to achieve the desired results.


Settings and Session Space

EAA & EAT sessions will be offered at our 6.4 acre outdoor Nature Therapy site (Poets Corner) which is in Welling, Kent. 

Regional Coverage

The ADO Therapy Team cover London, the South-East and Kent. If you live outside of these areas, please contact us to find out whether we can cover your location.


Book Your Assessment and Contact Us Here

Our EAA and EAT sessions are designed to best suit individual needs, therefore please feel free to give us a call for an informal chat about how we can help you. To Book Your Assessment, please contact using the details below:

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