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Supporting the Community

We have been providing the scouts and guides movement across London and the South-East with interactive animal encounters for over four years now. We have visited over 150 troop groups and entertained thousands of scouts and guides. Our one hour encounters slot nicely inbetween the parambulations at the beginning or at the end of the afternoon and evening sessions and provide a welcome break for leaders to sit back and let us do the work for the session. We adapt our presentation across all ages, whether it's Beaver's, Cubs, or right up to Explorer's, or from Rainbow's, through Brownies to Guides. We recognise the importance of the Scouts and Guides movement within the community and have also supported many of their fund raising initiatives, fun days, regional meetings and leader conferences.

Value For Money

We offer great value for money as well! Our pricing for the Scouts and Guides movement reflects our understanding that funds are not always in abundance at some units, therefore we offer our encounters at the lowest prices across our whole range of services! The price is discounted further for double or regular bookings. Our prices have remained the same for the last four years!

Fun and Educational

Our encounters are both fun and educational for your troops. We can bring a selection of animals that can tick your boxes for badge awards. Why go to Pets at Home, when we can bring a whole host of animals to cover off your badge criteria for pet care for example.

Not Just the Animals!

We now also offer horticulture - gardening activities and bushcraft within our services to the scouts and guides. Perhaps you have some land attached to your troop hut that you can use for horticultural activities and gardening. You may even have some trees or woods attached that we can organise some bushcraft activities for you. Why not visit us to one of our community gardens and get growing!

Our Assurances

Beware of cheap imitations! We know within our area there are no other companies providing animal encounters that can guarantee the safety of the public and the welfare of the animals like us. So when choosing between ADO and someone who has a few private pets, consider whether they can offer the following assurances.

♦ Fully licensed by the London Borough of Bexley for Animal HandlingBearded Dragon at Scouts

♦ Approved by the City of London Vets for Animal Welfare

♦ Public Liability of £5 million for Animal Handling

♦ Public Liability of £2 million for After School Activities with Children

♦ Transportation of Animals Licence with DEFRA (Dept for Environment/Food/Rural & Affairs)

♦ Membership of Professional Body ABWAK (Association of British and Wild Animal Keepers)

♦ Risk Assessments provided

♦ Health and Safety Policy

♦ Safeguarding and other policies in sensitive areas catered for

If you are looking for a unique interactive experience for your troops with the professionals, then look no further than ADO and book us in for a session they will go home talking about.    

A Whole Range of Encounters

Many Scouts and Guides have enjoyed our standard 'Pick and Mix' Encounter over the years, but now we also offer a whole range of different focussed workshops including horticulture-gardening and bushcraft as well as the animals. Have a look below at our one hour packages to choose from.

One Hour Sessions

♦ Pick and Mix Encounter - This is our standard tried and tested offering for the Scouts and Guide Movement. Its often the first type of experience we provide for a centre that have never had us along before. We bring along at least 10 different animals ranging from mini-beasts, lizards, snakes and small mammals for an interactive presentation to the troops in a formal session. The children and young people sit around in a semi-circle and we bring the animals in sequence one-by-one. This provides a surprise element for the group and keeps the anticipation high throughout the session.  

♦ Snake Workshop - We will bring along at least 6 different types of snakes to provide an interactive workshop. The session will include plenty of interaction and handling of the snakes and the incredible experience of watching a snake eat. We bring along a varied selection from our snake collection and provide a workshop covering such topic's as the evolution of snakes, shedding, defence mechanisms, camouflage, habitats and feeding. Its a chance for the group to experience an interactive session holding snakes of different sizes, shapes and colours, with the highlight of feeding one of the snakes during the session.

♦ Lizard Workshop -We will bring along at least 6 different types of lizards and provide an interactive workshop. The session will
include plenty of interaction and handling of the lizards and there will be a chance to feed some of our lizards some tasty bugs.We will bring along a varied selection from our lizard collection and provide a workshop covering such topics as the evolution of lizards, shedding, defence mechanisms, camouflage, habitats and feeding. Its a chance for the group to experience an interactive session handling and touching lizards of different sizes, shapes and colours and feeding them some tasty treats. 

Gecko for the Guides

♦ Mini-Beast Workshop - We will bring along a host of different mini-beasts, including invertebrates, crustaceans, arachnids and amphibians. These will include Giant Cockroaches, Millipedes, Beetles, Praying Mantis, Spiders, Scorpions and many other amazing creatures. We will provide an interactive workshop including the handling and closer examination of some of the species. Growth, habitats and dietary requirements will be covered in the session. Will members of your troop hold the tarantula?

♦ Cute and Cuddly Session - A session specifically designed for the Guides Movement where we bring along a selection of small mammals including Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Degu, Rabbit, Ferret and Dumbo Rats. The group will have an interactive session with the animals and will have a chance to feed and groom some of them. They will also have a chance to take our ferrets on a little walk.

Double Sessions

Our double session packages are especially useful for a group who immediately follow another group at the same location. The discounted price means it's cheaper for both groups for their individual one hour slots as the cost is shared 50:50.
You can choose any of the one hour packages and we will repeat the session for the second group.
Visit Us
If you are looking at booking a trip or evening out for your troop, why not take a look at visiting Animal Days Out for a Bushcraft session in the woods or a horticulture-gardening session at a number of our other sites. We can provide 1½ hour or 2½ hour sessions with practical bushcraft skills or basic horticulture or gardening activities.

♦ Bushcraft Adventure - There is more than just one adventure to choose from. The Bushcraft Adventure is made up of 8 different adventures, where any one module can be chosen for an hour in length. For the two hour sessions, two modules can be chosen. Choose from Shelter Building, Forest Adventure, Fire Skills or Natural Cordage Craft for example. You can visit us, or we can come to you if you have some woodland, trees or large outside area.

Horticulture and Gardening

Giant Millipede

We can visit you or you can visit one of several of our sites that can offer horticultural activities and gardening. Does the land around your scout hut look a bit of a mess? Would some colourful plants and shrubs brighten it up? How about growing some vegetables and herbs, they can enjoy to grow and get to taste? Get us along for a free consultancy.


We cover within 30 minutes travel of our animal bases in DA16 & SE9. We can and do travel further afield, although there will be a small surcharge to cover expenses depending on your location.


1 hour Session - £85
2 Hour Double Session - £150 - Saving £20 or £10 per unit

3 Hour Session - £225 - Saving £30 - Ideal for Summer Fairs or Fun Days
Multiple Bookings – 4 x 1 hour single sessions in any 12 month period - £260 - Saving £80
Visit Us – 1 Hour - £75
Visit Us – 2 Hour - £135

Bushcraft Adventure Single Module - 1½ Hours - £125

Bushcraft Adventure Double Module - 2½ Hours - £175

Prices Valid until September 2016 - VAT Included - Please note these prices are for travel within 30 minutes of our animal centres in London SE9 and DA16. 

Why Choose Animal Days Out?

We pride ourselves on our professional approach with both our animals and staff and differ in many ways to other animal based encounter companies. The animals we bring along are not a bunch of pets, they work alongside us and are professionally cared for at our animal centre base by qualified staff. We have probably provided more encounters to the Scouts and Guides movement than any other animal encounter company in the South-East.

♦ We supply two staff at each session, providing coverage for up to 30 children and young people. This means for the bigger groups, nobody is left waiting too long before they have an opportunity to be interactive with the animals

♦ Our staff are fully trained on both the animal presentation and ensuring that communications with the children and young people are key to their age group, right throughout the experience

♦ Our main lead staff are Enhanced DBS certified

Finally, above all else we are working as part of the community, delivering our encounters to the community. The revenues we generate, don't go into some individual's pocket, they are re-invested back into the company to provide more activities for the future.

Visit Our Frequently Asked Questions for more help if required.

How To Book

To book or just find out more, simply complete our Contact Form HERE and we will contact you to discuss the workshop best suited to your requirements.

All Terms and Conditions apply. Terms and conditions will be sent with your Booking Form. A copy can be sent on request before booking if required.

Scouts and Guides Workshops are wholly run by ADO Encounters part of Animal Days Out C.I.C., a Not For Profit Community Interest Company

Part and Parcel of the Community..

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Customer Reviews

"All the children loved the animals and the staff were amazing, I have posted your email link on our Lewisham Scout web site." - Helen from 16th Lewisham Scouts

"Thank you so much for sending your staff to thoroughly entertain and delight our 17 Cubs and 2 Beavers (on ‘linkup’) with an impressive variety of animals and knowledge for a full hour, giving myself and the other leaders an evening off! It worked so well between your staff, working their way down the two rows, whilst it was a nice touch to have the guinea pigs (or ‘skinny pigs’ as my friend’s daughter used to call them!) that they could spend time with on the floor at the end." - Chris from 1st Poverest Scout Group