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Animal Party Quick Guide

Mmmm, Help, I Can't Decide!


Its stressful enough trying to organise an event, without quite knowing where to start! Thankfully help is at hand. We have been there and got the T-shirt when it comes to organising Animal Parties and hopefully this logical practical approach will help your decision making and ensure your event a fantastic success. So I will hand you over to Melissa (on the right), our imaginary housewife who has all the questions!

♦ Where Shall I Hold The Party? 

We can adapt to most houses, flats or gardens (weather permitting). As long as we have enough space to store the animals, we can work in most spaces, whether it be a living room, play room or conservatory for example. If you hire your own venue, we can work in halls, community centres and churches for example. If you are still struggling you can book a room or grounds hire from us at one of our partner venues from just £25 per hour.

♦ How Long Should the Party Be?

For a children's party, do you really want it to go on longer than 2 hours!! Most parents book our 1 or 2 hour options. 1 hour is normally ample time to be sitting still, especially for the under 7's. For the older children or adults, the 2 hour option works well. For larger family events, we can work longer with the animals if required. If you want a 2 hour party for younger children we can provide an hour of animals and then finish with activities and games.

♦ What Ages Do You Cater For?

 We cover all age groups from 1 to 100. We adapt and deliver our parties across all age groups. The animals don't care how old somebody is!!

♦ What Animals Can You Bring?

For the 1 hour option we bring at least 10 animals. For the 2 hour option at least 15 animals. We have a large selection to choose from. Once you have confirmed your booking, you will be sent a list of animals and a guide to choosing them.

♦ Can We Hold The Animals and Will They Bite?

If we get asked 'Will They Bite' one more time!!..........All animals can bite (except worms maybe), but our animals have been trained and socialised and are experienced to nearly every situation. Our animals are handled regularly and are perfectly fine with being handled. Our staff will instruct all your guests on how to hold them properly and safely. We can bring along a selection of animals that suit the age groups and numbers attending in a safe and controlled situation.

♦ Anything Else I Should Know?

Importantly we are not your average animal bloke who brings along a few of his pets! Our animals are our work colleagues and are properly cared for in a professional environment with our trained staff. We send two members of staff to your party and have all the correct legal cover including public liability, animal handling licensing and an animal travel license.

 ♦ What's Next Then? How Do I Book You?

First and foremost you need to book your preferred time and date. We get busy at weekends, so don't leave it to the last moment. On average, we book nearly a month in advance, sometimes more during peak times. Our booking form can be found online HERE. Just complete as much detail as possible and we will be in touch. If you are not one of those comfortable with doing everything on a computer, give the office a ring and speak to a member of staff who can help you. We can't do anything unless the date and time are confirmed and is free to book. 

♦ Once I Have Booked, What's the Next Steps

To secure your date and to make sure you don't lose it, we ask for a deposit of 50% within 7 days of booking. Once its booked into our events calendar, you can be sure you won't lose the date. We can then work out the finer details and give you a chance to choose your animals and get your invites out. We normally contact you 7 days before the party to make sure everything is still on coarse and all that none of the details have changed.

♦ I've Heard You Can Arrange Invites and Party Bags

Organising invites and party bags can be a right pain, when you already have so much to do. Yes, we can provide you with some A5 standard animal-themed invites or we can design something special for you to send. We can provide Sweet Cones or our party bags are great value too and packed with animal and wildlife themed gifts and sweets. Just let us know in advance and we can arrange your invites, party bags and even thank-you cards as options to your party.

♦ Ticking Your Boxes

So that's about it. Hopefully we have ticked a few of your boxes when trying to organise your special event or celebration. Just in case we have missed something out, simply call the office and have a good chat with one of our staff.

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Customer Reviews

"Thank you so much for a wonderful party on Saturday, Emily had the most amazing time! I'm looking forward to hear about the gossip from the play ground today ! " - Sacha and Paul from Bromley

"Mia absolutely loved it!! Also, lots of the parents whose children attended commented today on how much they loved it!! ADO were brilliant and handled all the kids really well, even the group of really boisterous boys. I'm considering having an animal party for my own birthday! I think there were more photos of me with the animals then anyone else!! ". - Helen from Sidcup

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